Vero Water

Next Generation Bottle Cap

Vero Water

Next Gen Bottle Cap

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VERO came to IDG looking to quickly convert their existing bottle cap to a design that was dishwasher capable. This meant eliminating the secondary seal disc liner and replacing it with molded seal geometry. In addition, IDG had to address the dual-walled geometry under the existing cap that created “traps” for water and/or debris to linger after a dishwashing cycle. While VERO was led to believe a 2-piece design was he only potential solution, IDG believed there was potential for a better 1-piece solution that would save part weight and cost.



With the goals of utilizing simplistic tooling, eliminating secondary assembly, and minimizing part weight, IDG quickly brainstormed on general configurations for the new cap.  IDG translated those configurations into a lineup of cap designs ranging from simplistic to brand-focused design aesthetics.  IDG calculated the projected part weights of each design and then utilized their in-house 3D printer to print a few of the leading concepts for evaluation.



In 1 weeks time, IDG was able to deliver an efficient design sprint and provide VERO with a number of ready-to-manufacture solutions for their next generation cap. VERO’s selected cap netted out to deliver 20% weight savings over their initial 2-piece approach, eliminated the need for secondary automation, and (as a bonus) provided a stronger sidewall to further enhance the durability of the cap as well as the premium consumer feel.

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