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As our world was turned upside down with the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdowns, Westfall Technik looked inward for ways to go above and beyond and ultimately do our part in helping be part of the solution.  The main challenge here…act fast and make a difference. 



With critical shortages in N95 masks (and mask filter materials) early in the pandemic, IDG and Westfall aligned on aiming for a re-useable mask that could be combined with filter materials more readily available to the average person.  Within a 48 hour period, Inceptive's team had jumped directly into 3D CAD, printed a handful of iterative “fit-check” models, and reviewed the final design with Westfall’s Wakefield, MI tooling location.  Even more impressively, the Wakefiled team ran moldflow analysis, made slight DFM modifications, and designed a single cavity injection mold tool within the next 48 hours.  Less than 5 business days later Westfall was sampling the tool in a few leading materials, and days later we were sending samples out across the Westfall network to be worn by employees and/or donated to front line workers in our community.



In under 2 weeks, Inceptive was able to partner with and put on display the impressive front-end to back-end “ALL IN” mentality and capabilities of the Westfall Technik premise.  Better yet, both programs were successful in keeping people across the nation (and some internationally) safely employed, healthier, and more comfortable in an uncertain time.  While we hope to never be in a similar position again, Inceptive is proud to have been part of a rapid response solution and making a difference where we could.

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