Flip Phone Case

Innovative Phone Case

2020 Flip Phone Launch

Skill Set

Concept Development | Mechanical Engineering | Rapid Prototyping | Industrial Design | DFM | Rendering

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IDG was challenged to quickly design and develop an innovative phone case for a revolutionary, soon-to-be-released flip phone. With limited time before release, speed to market was crucial in order for our client to ensure maximum sales during the first 3-6 months after phone launch. To top it off, the new foldable phone configuration presented the unique challenge of balancing the consumers usability and desired fun factor with the market leading device protection our client is known for.



IDG started the effort by brainstorming various mechanical ways to functionally protect the hinge of the phone in both the open and closed positions. We transitioned quickly to fabricating and 3D printing dozens of “breadboard” prototypes in order to accelerate our learnings and iterations. As the phone was yet to be released and was top secret, we had to create life-like foldable dummy phones to give us an understanding of how the case concepts would flex and adapt during use. As we narrowed in on leading mechanical approaches, our team blended the industrial design exploration with final engineering and design for manufacturability in order to accelerate the program as efficiently as possible.



IDG was able to deliver the client an accelerated scope of work, spanning just 5 weeks from kick-off to production CAD.  The final design fits beautifully within the client’s aesthetics and expectations (for both the phone and the hinge), while maintaining the usability and fun-factor that the phone owner will desire.  Since its 1st generation launch, IDG’s product design configuration has been maintained and is now on its 3rd generation phone + case combination.

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