ISO 80369-7 

Medical Luer Compliance

ISO 80369-7

Medical Luer Compliance


Medical Device Engineering

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Engineering | ISO Compliance | Remediation

“Inceptive Design Group has helped several of our customers assess and comply with the newer ISO 80369-7 standards. They’ve been a pivotal conduit between our customers and our tooling/molding sites from program start to production validation. If you are in need of ISO luer expertise, don’t hesitate to reach out to IDG.”


Brian Matachun

Vice President Sales, Healthcare - Westfall Technik


With ISO 594-2 being succeeded by ISO 80369-7, many medical luer device companies need help determining if their products comply with this new standard. IDG has been approached by a number of Westfall’s medical device customers to expedite an assessment, redesign (if necessary), and launch of new compliant luer designs.



Equipped with our copy of ISO 80369-7, IDG typically performs a sprint of work spanning dimensional assessment of your luer component(s), a summary of findings and recommendations, and if necessary, updated 3D part geometry and 2D dimensioned prints to ensure compliance to the new standard.



IDG has given a number of clients confidence that their medical luers meet ISO 80369-7 standards. In the instances where modifications were necessary, IDG has been pivotal in identifying and recommending the simplest changes relative to existing tool structures often limiting the expense for our customers.

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